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Objective factors tend to drive deals. But we believe that post the deal, all those subjective factors of mutual understanding and personal chemistry come into play. That’s why our teams gives them such a high priority from the start.

The Preferred Investor

‘Preferred investor’ is not just a description of the status we aspire to with the companies we invest in. It also describes an ambition. To be the best at what we do. To create relationships that are valuable and valued. And to actively contribute more to those relationships.

Facts will tell you Entrepreneurs Fund provides early stage and growth financing alongside active support to entrepreneurial teams, and that it does so internationally. Facts will also tell you that our current areas of technology investment include life-sciences, clean tech, materials, and (online) retail related technology.
What the facts don’t reveal is the qualitative difference we bring. In our ethos, in our sense of responsibility, in our openness. If you share that ethos, if you are an established pioneer looking to expand, we want to hear from you. Enjoy this overview, and enjoy discovering the lengths we go to make Entrepreneurs Fund the preferred investor: preferred by our partners, their employees and their customers.