SmartKem Collaborates with Centre for Process Innovation

Three year collaboration to develop customer pre-production prototypes featuring SmartKem’s tru-FLEX Thin Film Transistors

Wales and Manchester, UK (19th February 2015): SmartKem, supplier of the market-leading tru-FLEX semiconductor platform, has announced an extensive collaboration programme with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), for the development of pre-production prototypes featuring the SmartKem unique range of semiconductor inks for the manufacture of ultra flexible thin film transistors (TFT). The three year agreement will see a scaling-up of SmartKem activities; driving customer development programs for the manufacture of unbreakable and foldable displays and electronics. 

Headquartered in Wales, SmartKem is the premier provider of semiconductor inks for the manufacture of truly flexible transistors for flexible displays and electronics. The SmartKem tru-FLEX inks offer, for the first time, transistors with outstanding electrical performance, unparalleled physical flexibility and the chance to manufacture at room temperature onto any surface type.  As such, electronic TFT arrays can be printed at low cost with extremely high throughput, making tru-FLEX technology the leading candidate for the manufacture of new form factor consumer devices such as bendy smartwatch displays and foldable mobile phones

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