vasopharm has first patient in phase III TBI trial

Phase III trial to assess efficacy and safety of Ronopterin (VAS203) in the treatment of moderately to severely injured traumatic brain injury patients

Würzburg, Germany – September 6, 2016: vasopharm GmbH, a privately held biopharmaceutical company focusing on novel therapeutics for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, today announced that the first patient has been enrolled in to the NOSTRA III (NO Synthase in TRAumatic Brain Injury) trial – a phase III clinical trial assessing efficacy and safety of Ronopternin (VAS203) for the treatment of moderately to severely injured closed head traumatic brain (TBI) injury patients.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the leading cause of death and disability among young adults and occurs when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain. Every year, over 1,600,000 patients sustain a traumatic brain injury in the EU, and 70,000 of these die, with a further 100,000 being left disabled.

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