A passion for innovation built on trusted experience

We believe our attitude and experience are complementary. We also believe that true potential is only realised by looking to the future. Our investment philosophy is to focus on building long-lasting, sustainable and valuable companies.

  • Investment focus

    We invest primarily in Western Europe. In terms of sectors, our interests divide into two areas: the life sciences and technology. In life sciences we tend to invest in biotechnologies, medical devices, diagnostics, digital and mobile health. In technology, we favour resource efficiency in transportation, energy and water, as well as smart materials and enabling technologies in retail. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but your business does need to fit into one of these two broad categories for us to consider it for investment.

  • What we look for

    We look for credible, passionate, and ambitious teams who are building companies with a compelling value proposition. The proposition needs to be based on unique and protectable technology that addresses a very important problem in a very large market. And you’ll need to have a clear, milestone-driven plan for building value.

  • Investment Size

    We have invested from around €250k to more than €10m in individual companies, but our typical initial investment is €1-2m and we normally aim to invest at least €5m over the life of a company. Because we have a single Limited Partner you'll find we're less constrained by the typical venture fund life cycle, as other investors may be.

  • Investment Style

    In principle we’re able and willing to invest from seed all the way to pre-IPO stages. But usually we like to engage early on as one of the first institutional investors because we believe that’s when we can add the most value.