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Every company we invest in has the potential to make a real difference to the future through visionary thinking and outstanding execution. Each has broken with convention to imagine the future differently, developing products and services that reach beyond accepted norms of performance. Their thinking is manifest in breakthrough products, revolutionary processes, and disruptive new services. Find out more below about how these companies are contributing to an exciting future.

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  • CYTOO has pioneered the ability to control the microenvironment of cell cultures through the use of micropattern technologies. CYTOO's unique platform significantly enhances the physiological rel...

    CYTOO - Life Sciences

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  • Imagine a material made from intelligent molecules that could flow as you moved, but on shock would lock together to absorb the energy of the impact. That is d3o. Of this material’s many applications,...

    d3o - Technology

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  • Exosect’s mission is to discover, develop & commercialise, safe, sustainable bio-conventional control solutions for the food industry, that protect food from insect damage and disease whilst reduc...

    Exosect - Technology

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  • This Canadian start up is developing relatively low-tech fusion energy technology. General Fusion is applying the latest in material technology and digital signal processing to Magnetised Target Fusio...

    General Fusion - Technology

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  • The founders of this 2001 start-up use their mix of industrial and academic backgrounds to bring to market high quality carbon nanotubes, carbon cones and related carbon nanomaterials.

    n-Tec - Technology

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  • Nasal delivery of vaccines and drugs is a user-friendly alternative to injections and a fast alternative to oral administration. Optinose has developed a range of breath actuated devices for bidirecti...

    OptiNose - Life Sciences

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  • Realeyes helps you unlock the full potential of your videos.
    Using webcams, Realeyes measure how people feel as they watch video content, enabling marketers to confidently target optimised conte...

    realeyes - Technology

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  • This innovative Swiss company has developed an implantable pump to manage fluids within the body for seriously ill patients. It significantly improves their lives, and at the same time reduces treatme...

    Sequana Medical - Life Sciences

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  • SmartKem delivers world class 'organic' semiconductor materials for the manufacture of flexible and plastic electronic displays used in applications such as eReaders, Smartphones, Tablets and ...

    SmartKem - Technology

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  • With the emphasis on ‘cure’, this company is dedicated to the development of novel progenitor cell-based regenerative therapeutics. It seeks to provide new treatment options to patients suffering from...

    t2cure - Life Sciences

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  • This German biopharmaceutical company is dedicated to the discovery and development of novel therapeutics to treat cerebro- and cardiovascular diseases and their consequences.

    Vasopharm - Life Sciences

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  • Harnessing over thirty years of research at the University of Leeds, Xeros is the brand name for a patented polymer-based cleaning that dramatically reduces the cost and environmental impact of aqueou...

    Xeros - Technology

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